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If you can find the space

Just a note to any homeless folks in my area who might be contemplating something similar to this story: My closets are woefully unorganized, unusually shaped, and dark in the back, but I imagine this could work in your favor if you wanted to move in. Because I would never notice you were in there. [...]

Nagging Questions, part 2

I think we are very close to finding a new apartment. Two options. Which is better? Option 1: Bigger, by a bit sq footage, a little more storage in the apartment, but some strange storage (like cabinets in  a wetbar area that is literally steps from the kitchen…), floorplan is very open, odd ameneties like [...]

Nagging Questions

A few things nagging at the back of my mind. It looks like we will be moving into a different apartment in a few months. Maybe weeks. (No worries, church folk. We’re staying in the area!) I am excited about the place. It’s nice. And I am resigning myself to apartment living. OK. more than [...]

God is in the details…

…by which I mean, in this case, God is in the confirmation sheet cakes. I just returned home from a two and half hour odyssey to pick up two full sheet cakes. I am using the term “odyssey” here with it’s full Homeric meaning. That should never be the case with a trip to pick [...]

Imagine the luck (I mean, providence)

I’m preaching in a week and half. I just looked up the lectionary texts: Psalm 131 Isaiah 49 (see verse 15 especially) Wow. Woman/mama imagery all over. Most of which I now understand alot better than I did a few years ago. This is why we have women-preachers. Well, at least some of the reason [...]

No, I can’t go running…

I’ve come up with some good excuses for not exercising, but this one surely beats them all: I’m being a little lazy this morning: snatched some extra sleep (Zora’s with Grandma), ate breakfast slowly, read part of a book, and I’m still in my jammies at almost 9:00. The “plan” was to drag myself off [...]

Working Mama

Erik’s got a job (cue the bombastic, triumphant choral music), but we are still sorting out childcare. In other words, I am working full time with Zora in tow. It’s been an interesting week and a half so far. I think we are just inches away from having some sort of childcare plan pulled together. [...]

No more car-kabob

This just makes me sad. Today, Berwyn is less Berwyn-ish.

The domestic things I will and will not accomplish today

I’m back to Friday as my day off. A Friday off feels more like a Saturday off to me. Today, I plan to sabbath in a domestically oriented way, but not put myself under too much stress about getting all of things done. And, the list of things I could do sounds pretty nice: Take [...]

Open mouth, insert…cheese

Reason number 27 why I should be more careful when I get chatty: I visited a local coffee shop I’ve never been to yesterday afternoon, and got a little chatty with the purveyor while she made me a really wonderful iced latte. The register rang it up at $35.29, and we were joking about the [...]