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Holy Week with Judas

Thanks to National Geographic, many of us who work at churches had to pay a little more attention to Judas this past week. Their cover story and the media storm they’ve been trying to stir over a new translation of the “Gospel of Judas” have church goers curious and interested, some ready to jump on [...]

Turn the world upside down

Funnier than any bumper-sticker I’ve seen this week (and it’s been a great week for bumper stickers)–this list from the most recent issue of The Christian Century: Ten Reasons for Not Ordaining Men 10. A man’s place is in the army. 9. Men with children might be distracted by their parental responsibilities. 8. Ministry is [...]

Love to Excess

John 12:1-11 Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago Monday Noonday Holy Week Service There’s no way around it: whatever his motives for saying it, Judas was right. How many others in the room must have thought the same thing? That perfume was excessive. A year’s pay, wasted. Imagine what good you could use that money for! The [...]

Catching up a month or more…

It’s been awhile since I posted. Happily, that is because there is enough going on that I haven’t posted. Here are a few things that have been taking up time and energy Work, of course is one. The highlight for me has been planning Wednesday night Lent services at Fourth with Patrick, Calum, and a [...]