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She’s here!

Zora Jean arrived on August 24. Finally. (Maybe this is why we chose a name that begins with the last letter of the alphabet.) It was a big wait, and in the week and a half after she was due, we prepared for just about every possible type of arrival. At different points, we were [...]

Great Quote

“There’s a great deal to object to in American society, and it doesn’t take a Muslim to perceive it.” –John Updike, in an interview on his new book, Terrorist. I heard this in an radio interview last week and wrote it on the available paper (plate) in my kitchen.

Dear 8 lb, 6 oz Baby Jesus…

First, a few disclaimers: I am not a car racing fan (although I did stop by the Indy Race Track to see time trials with a group of ministers earlier this year…) The movie I’m referring to below, which shall go unnamed, is not a movie that I am advocating. It’s PG-13 and deserves that rating [...]

It’s August?

Back in December, when Erik and I told my parents we were having a baby in August, my Dad’s immediate reaction was “This August?” And that is my reaction over the last few days. It’s already this August, the one when the baby arrives. As in, any time now. And I’m getting to the point where [...]