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Less seriously…

We are back from the junior high retreat. (See the previous post for the more profound take on the experience.) I say “we” because I suckered Erik into going, and Zora came along, too. Honestly, it was a really really good time. The kids were great. The speaker was great.  I slept better than on [...]


Only one song on my mix CD for the junior high retreat roadtrip (and what a roadtrip it was…snow, snow, snow) got any mention from kids. On the way there and on the way home, I had junior high girls singing and humming along with Breathe (2AM) by Anna Nalick. They were crammed in the [...]

Quick…before the baby wakes up!

She’s crying already, but I thought I’d check in. I am knitting like a madwoman these days…a mitten thumb to finish, a scarf for the silent auction, and Zora is outgrowing one of the sweaters I made her so I picked some yarn for a new one today. (The color is called “Happy Forest.” How [...]

Keeping Watch

When I was teaching high school, we had no scheduled chapel time. So, anything of that nature had to happen in my classroom time as the religion teacher. Among my favorite memories of teaching are the few times that I tried to help my kids just practice silence. Nothing more. No expectations for anything much. [...]

The December 30 sermon is up

It took awhile to edit this one, and there are a few posts in the interim, so scroll down or click here if you’re looking for the December 30 sermon.

Happy New Year!

In a fit of craftiness, ethnic pride, and nerdiness, I made banket (Dutch pastry rolls filled with almond) last night in the shape of the coming year.