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Choose Your Own Adventure

I haven’t posted in a while, so here, gentle readers, is your chance for a little participation (and maybe some de-lurking!): in the comments, cast your vote for the potential posts you’d like to see. I’ll check back in a few days and write up the most popular. I’m thinking about running a 25k race [...]

Samara and the Psalms

In December, my friends Heidi and Tim found out that their baby daughter, Samara, has cancer. Because she is so close in age to Zora, and because Heidi and Tim are so dear to me, she’s been much on my mind. Last weekend, I got to visit her for the first time. This is part [...]


This week syllables. And maybe she really is brilliant enough that she already means what she’s saying.

What’s going on…

Rather than a Friday Five, just an update about what’s been going on: Too much working. I have violated my day off two weeks in a row now. This is bad. Partly, it means I am just plain busy. It probably means my time management skills aren’t as good as the could be. But, most [...]

RevGalBlogPals Friday Five: Birthday, Redux

It’s nowhere close to my birthday, but here goes… 1. Favorite way to celebrate my birthday? I’d say nice dinner out with Erik, maybe family, and if it’s been a calm week at church, I might tolerate some god friends, too. 2. I share my birthday with Sammy Sosa (I’m a Cubs fan: baseball bores [...]

Ford’s Funeral

I got sucked in this morning, sucked into watching the Ford funeral. While Ford was not of my particular political persuasion, I am fascinated by the spectacle of the state funeral. And, as Bush 43 pointed out, he is a Grand Rapids, MI, boy. I was born in that town myself (although, Ford was not…), lived there [...]