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Zora idioms we don’t want to forget (her language skills keep getting better and better, so these are slowly going away): “I want to speaker something in your ear.” (I want to whisper in your ear.) Use of “what” in place of “that” as in: “I like the monkey toy what has stripes.” “lellow” for [...]

Abram a Day: 3.13.11

He’s a month old. Can you believe it? All things considered, our little family is adjusting well (although, this photo might be slightly more idyllic than reality!).

Post-partum brain

I don’t know that being pregnant made me more forgetful. (I did have a precipitous decline in my vocabulary, though…) But the combination of little sleep and the general distraction of having a cute baby around (sometimes I just sit and look at him because he’s that wonderful…), well, that combination has my brain pretty [...]

NPR Whiners

Usually for me, when NPR and church occur in the same thought, it has to do with frustration around stewardship campaigns at church which are run using similar language to the NPR membership drive (“Think of the benefits you get from our church: and because of our wonderful service to you, you should give!!!”) That [...]

Packing List

Zora is off to California tomorrow with Grandma and Grandpa. I’m in charge of packing, or so I thought. After dropping her off at preschool, I discovered that she began packing last night. So what does a 4 year old pack for a weekend trip to see her Great Grandfather in Los Angeles? Stuffed animals [...]

Abram a Day: 3.1.11