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How not to introduce your spouse to the new church…

About this time last year, my blogging was pretty quiet. I was in the midst of searching for a call, and I didn’t want to say a whole lot. In a previous post, I started writing some of the things I would have written a year ago. And I promised this story: how not to [...]

Good Sabbath

Back in September, I was trying to figure out how to “sabbath” with an infant. See, some of the (and I know this is a simplification) recommendations are just impractical, if not impossible, for a mom with a nursing baby. I’m always working! I can’t take a day away from it all just to focus [...]

A year later…

If you go back to my blog posts of a year ago, they’re rather sparse. It was a weird time. I was dealing with two of the biggest transition points in my life: being pregnant and looking for my first ever “called-and-installed” church position in the PC(USA). (CRC folks: is that not a great phrase? [...]

Eat those burgers!

A great victory in the world of fair labor practices. You can feel good about ketchup again…

Zora and the Pansy

It isn’t spring any more, but a few days ago Erik and I put some pansies in planters for our porch. (They’re inside until our second winter ends.) I shot this video of Zora having a good time with her first pansy:

End of the (B.C.) Era

I grew up with Johnny Hart: not just in the comic strips, but plastered on the signs for parks, transportation, and almost anything county-related in Broome County, NY. (Where else do you find cavemen used as a mascot for the county transit system?) And, at Christmas and Easter, his B.C. comic strip was always a [...]

Vestee and Hedgehog

The vestee is done! One of my favorite knits ever…and Zora seems to like it, too! (By the way, this seems like an incredibly useful thing for a baby: the short sleeves mean it fits for a long time as arms grow, hoods for babies mean you always have hats, and I think the bamboo [...]