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Clean enough to eat off the floor

Today I completely and totally cleaned my car. Washed it. Vacuumed in every conceivable corner, dusted, polished the vinyl and plastic parts, freshened the upholstery. Four hours later, reaching into the backseat to grab a jar of peanuts, the lid came loose and an entire Costco-sized jar of peanuts spilled all over the car. Instead [...]

Into the Woods

Zora has survived and thrived in her first ever camping excursion. Some pictures: Zora hones her orienteering skills. Zora, queen of the tent. (Note the stylish baby-camo, courtesy of Aunts Anna and Emily!) Zora and the beach. A few observations on camping with a baby: How much stuff do you need? Well, we were camping [...]

Church Signs

Spotted in a small town in Michigan today: If you give the devil an inch and he’ll be the ruler. Which got me thinking: obviously, this sort of church sign proceeds from a theology where the devil is so very powerful and so very feared that any possible contact with anything that could be even [...]

God in the Details

Esther 1-2 Fox Valley Presbyterian Church During July, those of us working our way through the Year of the Bible together will find ourselves reading Esther. It’s a great story. Many of us know bits and piece, or maybe the Sunday School version of the story. But, many of us also find that it’s one [...]