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How to leave for study when your constant companion has no attention span?

That title is a question. Because, all of a sudden, it’s hit me that: Erik works full time and has precious little vacation time. And has a brutal commute which means that he can’t take on Zora duty before and after day care. Zora works full time, too, at being a little kid, and that [...]


I’ve been bouncing around some ideas about what to do for Lent. Less TV, more sleep, no computer, giving up church (just kidding!), eating the same thing for lunch every day, some form of fasting, going vegetarian… But, if you are thinking about food, check out this amazing photo spread of world-wide families and their [...]

Zora and the Cats…

Overheard while I’m finishing lunch and Zora is playing: “OK, Ole. I got to brush you.” (I turn around, and she’s convinced Ole to sit still on top of a folded up quilt.) “OK, here’s the brush.” (She’s brushing him with the smallest sister of a set of Russian stacking dolls.) More random conversation about [...]

Muddying the Waters

2 Kings 5:1-14 Fox Valley Presbyterian Church, Geneva, IL Service of Healing and Wholeness Every once in a while, my two-year old comes up with little theological insights, new ways of explaining church-y things to herself, and one of my current favorites is the “church bath”. It’s what she calls the baptismal font. The place [...]

Water: Editing Room Floor

I don’t think all of this is going to make it into tomorrow’s sermon (well, maybe, who knows) but I’m kind of in love with it, so here it goes on the editing room floor… Among the things I love about summer is spending a week outdoors, camping somewhere, but especially the moments toward the [...]

How to change an elephant diaper

How to change an elephant diaper from Erik Vorhes on Vimeo.

Where I Live

I’ve got this cold that just won’t quit. In fact, I really haven’t had it long, but it is beating me down. I have to pull it together because I preach on Sunday so there needs to be a sermon and voice by 8:00am. This particular cold comes with a generous side of exhaustion and [...]

Well this makes it more interesting

I’ve seen a few articles like this one about the birth of octuplets in my Dad’s hometown this week. Here’s what I find interesting: the suggestion that is coming up seems to be that doctors have an ethical repsonisibility not only to the parents, but to the offspring as well when making decisions about IVF. [...]

10 on Tuesday since I’m putting off worship planning

The name “Naaman” sounds like how being congested feels. So, I guess it’s a good thing I’m preaching on Naaman this coming Sunday. Because I am congested. After dinking around on facebook for the last half hour, concentrating on catching up on classmates from New York, I’m convinced that facebook is going to take all [...]

Zora in church

Now here’s an interesting conundrum about my life: I’m the pastor at my church who is supposed to be the “expert” on children in church. But I rarely worship with my own child because on Sundays I am up front and she is in the back with daddy. So I really don’t know much about [...]