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Storefront church

If you drive around certain of Chicago’s neighborhoods for awhile, you know about the great names the storefront churches have (I’m just making these up, but believe me, they are plausible examples!): Full Life in Jesus Church Holy Spirit Power Church Lighthouse Deliverance Church Only True Gospel Salvation Church I’ve always loved the names. But [...]

And it also applies to the sermon…

This is exactly how I feel!!! Well, not exactly I guess since sermons are meant to be oral in the end, but so similar… Reading one’s own poems (sermons) aloud is like letting the cat out of the bag. You may have always suspetced bits of a poem (Sermon) to beoverweighted, overviolent, or daft, and [...]

next on the parenting list

Our next task on the parenting to-do-list? We have to comb through every Wilco album we have and decide which songs have lyrics that are totally inapporpriate for an almost-three-year-old who has the ability of a very skilled parrot to repeat short phrases. She loves love loves Wilco. But we are wondering if it is [...]

Recent fabulous quotes from Zora

(At a restaurant, upon the delivery of her pb&j) “Where’s my salmon?!?” (In a conversation concerning the status of my globe-trotting sisters who, in the last year, have worked in England and Ethiopia) Zora: Mama, when is Auntie Anna coming home from Africa? Erica: Soon. In a few weeks. (Short response from me due the [...]