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Moving and stuff…

It’s finally scheduled–moving day is Wednesday. A couple other bloggers who I keep tabs on are also in various states of move. Ron and Debra have too much stuff. Susan and Peter are making a big move and saying goodbye to a beloved urban area. Mary has many books (I’d like to challenge her to [...]

Happy Discoveries

Some of the happy discoveries as I sort through my new office: Books I inherited include Peter Spier’s Noah’s Ark and Margaret Wise Brown/Clement Hurd’s The Runaway Bunny. This means I can use clean, un-baby-chewed copies of these for children’s sermons. (I intend to let my baby chew her own copies of these books if that’s the [...]

One in a string of goodbyes…

Erik is trying to schedule movers for our relocation from the city to the suburbs. In the meantime, I am commuting much too far to work (it turns out that one and half hours in the car is really uncomfortable if you are 8 months pregnant), and we are saying some fond farewells to life [...]

Stream of Consciousness

Here is further proof that the after-effects of sermons are often different than the preacher may have intended, and different for the various listeners, and also proof that the Spirit does what it will. This Sunday’s sermon was by a guest preacher, the Rev. Wil Howie from Living Waters for the World. A wonderful organization [...]

How much mileage would the Tribune get from that?!

We finished our 2-session, super quick prenatal classes tonight. I’m glad they offer these kind since we are very busy right now, and since we registered really late due to the previa. Some things that were honestly news to me: how to scrub a baby’s head (appparently they like this); SIDS prevention should include swaddling [...]

Plumbing the Depths of the Youth Ministry Archive

One afternoon into sorting through the library I inherited, I have a few comments to make: If you are a publisher of youth ministry items, DO NOT put pictures of teenagers in your materials, especially in the handouts. A picture of a guy with a curly mullet wearing tight short shorts circa 1979 will be [...]


New starts involve sorting. Between a new position, a new apartment, and a new baby, I’ve got a lot of sorting coming my way in the next few weeks. I sorted my limited office at the old church last week before leaving, and felt like I did a pretty good job. But now I am [...]