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And let’s not forget…

Here’s the confirmation class of Park Ridge Community Church, 1965.

Continental Drift

Really, this is big news even to me: The Schemper-Vorhes family is moving to California! About this time last year, Erik and I were signing a lease for an apartment in Chicago and plotting the move from St. Charles to the city. We had a (flexible-ish) plan that didn’t involve leaving Chicago, at least for [...]

Observations from 7 miles there and back on the lakefront trail

Running with another person once in awhile probably makes me less of a misanthrope. I usually run alone (or with Abram, who, to honest, I ignore for the bulk of the run: he’s in his stroller, I’m running, we’re each doing our own thing). I listen to sermons and music and podcasts. it’s ncie. But [...]

Shock and Ha!

(I couldn’t resist this title, har, har, har!) I just learned something about preaching from that great practical theologian, Judah Friedlander. (He’s currently on the TV show 30 Rock.) A local afternoon newstalk program just brought him in on their discussion about the increasing raunchiness of TV shows (and, before you draw any conclusions, this [...]