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Waiting and waiting and waiting

Half of my afternoon at work today: sitting in a coffee shop, knitting while reading some serious, hardcore theology to prepare for next week’s sermon. I should be happy about this, right? It sounds like the idyllic life of a pastor. But again (see my previous post), I’m questioning whether this “counted”. One of the [...]

40 days update

At the beginning of Lent, I posted about the decision to give something up or not. In the end, in large part thanks to the helpful comments, I went with giving 40 minutes to God per day. And how has that worked out? Well, if asked me this morning, I would have said it’s worked [...]

The most comforting smell in the world…

…is fresh chiles roasting under the broiler. This according to my husband after we made another chili from this book. A chili from every state, what could be better? We’ve been working our way through, mostly following the primary and caucus schedules. So, a tip for anyone from my church planning to enter the Chili [...]

Church Supper

My church is hosting a series of Wednesday night Lenten thing-ies. I say “thing-y” because I honetly don’t know what to call them otherwise. Number 2 was last night. I missed number 1 while I was in California. The other associate and I wanted to do something that involved a meal and was intergenerational.  So [...]

Giving up on giving up?

At an Ash Wednesday potluck, a 7th grader asked me: “So, what are you giving up for Lent?” It took me by surprise: I haven’t thought much about making this a “holy lent” myself yet. I gave her a few excuses: it’s been busy, so close to Christmas this year, I haven’t had time to [...]

Praying from far away

One of the things that is tough about being a pastor is leaving your tribe…by which I mean this: As ministers, we are basically called to scatter ourselves far and wide. When we take calls, we often leave behind family, friends, and people who have nurtured us and helped us grow into the people God [...]