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Seven things on Saturday

We reserved a community garden plot today, and I spent about an hour mapping it out and ordering seeds. Mostly because I think Zora needs some dirt in her life. Not because I really have any spare time. Then, my brother pointed out that it might be a good way for us to meet people [...]

sed credo ut intelligam

 My confirmands and their mentors are working on faith statements right now. I’m making the mentors write a faith statement alongside their confirmands to give the poor kiddos a sense of camerarderie, but also to model the idea of the continually moving target that is the Christian life. So, I’m having lots of fascinating discussions [...]

Recent Reading

I took an afternoon to polish off a few books I was just about finished with and to start a few more…even read one from cover to cover. I’ve been on a bit of a ministry book buying binge lately. So, here are a few concise reviews, some of the things to read next, and [...]

Facebooking through time

This is a really fascinating article about the implications of facebook for young people as they do the work of making themselves into adults. A few thoughts I have to add: For the especially mobile population (i.e. military kids, pastor’s kids, IMB kids, pick your frequent-move-employer of choice) it helps retain connection…which can help.  Even [...]

Keeping Mama Modest

Yesterday we had an unusually warm afternoon, and I went to the gym, put Zora in the childcare area, and when I left just wore my shorts out to the car. Erik called to let us know he was coming home on the train, and I handed the phone to Zora. Then I hear this [...]

Confirmation that God is Dutch

I saw news about this on the BBC website this evening, but Colbert’s take is even better. Especially since he picks up on the idea that God may very well be Dutch. (I find this a particularly interesting insight since I grew up in a denomination that actually had a debate in the early 20th [...]

Old MacDonald joins us for lunchtime

Old MacDonald from Erik Vorhes on Vimeo.

More on God and the economy

So much for anyone who would criticize a certain big-city newspaper for being a godless pit. This is a very striking editorial.

I’m with Them

Genesis 9:8-17; 1 Peter 3:13-4:2 Fox Valley Presbyterian Church, Geneva, IL March 1, 2009 (Lent 1B) If there’s any Bible story that is truly a part of “youth culture”, or at least the culture of the youngest of youth, it’s Noah and the Ark. If you do a search on Amazon for “Noah’s Ark toys” [...]