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Zora does three animals sounds now. Elephants were first (see my previous post). Next came dogs (she prefers a gutteral “woof, woof” without too much “f” on the end). And, a few weeks ago, Auntie Anna brought her a little bear and taught her to say “grrrrrr”. I love it that she takes delight in [...]

RevGalBlogPals: A pumpkin/apple Friday Five

I haven’t done this in awhile and there’s not much else I feel like writing about (or, feel free to write about!). 1. How did you celebrate this time of year when you were a child? Costumes and trick-or-treating. We made our costumes. OK, my Mom made our costumes. (Hi, Mom!) Even though a lot [...]

Saying (without timidity) what young female preachers already know…

Thank you to Mary for pointing out a great article and putting this into words. And, thank you to Mary for preaching and teaching this in a place where a female preaching voice is desperately needed.

If you were born, pay attention!!!

This is important. It’s a no-brainer. I read this article in the paper yesterday and was slapping my forehead by the time I got through it. Go here for more information.

A few random observations and questions

1. Why do clothes for babies have pockets? Honestly, what would they put in there? 2. Wearing velvet is a lot like having a pregnant belly, in that people want to touch you. Some people ask and some people don’t. But, take note: Somehow, touching a velvet coat is a little less threatening that touching [...]

Early Detection

I’m a big fan of the ultrasound and medical technology in general. I know they can be overused, and I know all the medical stuff around pregnancy can be invasive. But, in my pregnancy, although I should have been a super-low-risk-woman, an ultrasound revealed something that could have been very dangerous if we weren’t aware [...]