Nagging Questions

A few things nagging at the back of my mind.

  1. It looks like we will be moving into a different apartment in a few months. Maybe weeks. (No worries, church folk. We’re staying in the area!) I am excited about the place. It’s nice. And I am resigning myself to apartment living. OK. more than resigning myself. Smaller eco-footprint, no lawn or outdoor maintenance, close to great parks, library, etc. But there are things we can’t do…like plant a garden. How do apartment people maintain a lifestyle that is eco-friendly and cozy and home-y? Does the lower carbon footprint cancel out obligations to do all these things?
  2. How come Zora insists on the binky when she’s with me, but, according to grandma, she doesn’t need it at her house? (Probable answer: mama is a pushover.)
  3. Am I disorganized because I have lousy closet space, or am I just disorganized?
  4. Should I re-up the gym membership? I gave it up since the weather was warmer. Now it’s mid 40s and I don’t want to go running.
  5. How come cookies taste good? This is just not right since they are not good for you. Foods should have consistent adjectives.

Answers to any and all questions, preferably creative and imaginative, appreciated.

2 Responses to “Nagging Questions”

  1. Teri Says:

    1. Window garden. Or, if you have a balcony, things in pots.
    2. hmm…
    3. I ask this question all the time, but it’s usually about kitchen counter space…
    4. I gave mine up too, but DANG it’s cold!
    5. I just ate one, so I’m probably not helping. I have a theory that they are secretly good for you but the FDA hasn’t figured it out yet. :-)

    We must have coffee! After the moving, it sounds like. And things are moving along here so you’ll probably be making a trip soon anyway…

  2. Sarah G. Says:

    1. You totally can! Check out–they have a whole section on eco-living. Do you have a balcony? You could do plants there.
    2. Zora is probably already trying to intentionally de-stabilize you so that soon she can trick you into giving her permission to drive the car and stuff.
    3. I’ve tried every system in the book. The answer: I am a lousy housekeeper and organizer. I fantasize about having a maid like some people fantasize about winning the lottery.
    4. Paying for the gym is the only thing that keeps me exercising. I need the financial guilt.
    5. Oh, man. I love cookies so much. I wish they were full of nutrients and had no fat.