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10 things from the eye of the storm

The scene: I’m sitting in my favorite chair, near the gracious windows of the front room of my new home in a Chicago two-flat. This is about 4 square feet that are unpacked enough to be comfortable…but I can reach out and touch stacks of boxes on either side of me. Boxes which will have [...]

Longing for home

I just spent three days on the campus of my seminary (Calvin) and its attached college, shepherding eight teens (plus my own two little kiddos) through a conference for recipients of the worship grant that we were gifted with this year. That was the main event, for me, of those three days. Meanwhile, the campus [...]

W(h)ine glasses

Conversation while unpacking the kitchen this afternoon. Erica: How many wine glasses do we HAVE? Erik: As many as we registered for when we got married. Erica: Why in earth did we register for do many? When have we ever served that many people wine? What were we thinking? Erik: Apparently we thought we were [...]