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Check this out

Start your October right—with a bunch of young clergy women. That’s right—we’re a rare breed, female clergy under 40, but we’re fun to be around. On October 1, The Young Clergy Women Project (funded by the Louisville Institute) is launching a new e-zine, Fidelia’s Sisters. Check it out—a whole gaggle of articles written by young [...]

A little help here?

All right, it’s time to fess up…a year and some change into this call, I’m really having a tough time making friends. I have got to start working on this. Soon. I can blame it on all sorts of things: busy, baby, family nearby makes it easy not to do it, busy, baby, I have [...]

God in the magazine

Two very unlikely media bedfellows have done me some good this week: The Christian Century and Parade Magazine. Yes, you read that right: Parade, the thing that comes with the ads in the Sunday paper. Probably not one of those periodicals I should even admit to glancing at. But, this Sunday’s edition featured an interview [...]

Random Updates

Just a few things: We just returned from a wonderful week with Erik’s family (hi, in-laws!) in Oregon. This trip included Zora’s (and my) introduction to NCAA Div I football. It was like a trip to a foreign country for me, but interesting, kind of fun, and the food was great. The trip also included [...]

Things that are making me happy

In the spirit of not whining too much, I thought I’d share a few things that are making me happy on this perfect, bright, sunny late-summer afternoon. Pluots. They’re half plum, half apricot. How cool is it that you can cross-breed fruit like that? Monochromatic patterned tights and my favorite boots. The flouncy red-skirt that [...]


We’re off for our first airplane trip with Zora in a few days. In preparation, we’re sitting here reading the FAA website to find out which of Zora’s necessities we can carry-on with us. As always, government bureaucracies prove to be a source of laughs. Here are a few gems: If your child becomes uncomfortable [...]

Maybe I should move into my tent

In the middle of a busy weekend, I had the privilege of spending the night in a tent. (And, in the middle of a busy weekend, a good reminder that I have a very cool job which involves things like spending the night in the tent.) I love my tent. I love being outside. Maybe [...]

I go running and my iPod starts preaching at me again

Once again, my iPod seems to be preaching to me. Artist Beki Hemingway has a song called “Mary’s Song”  (which she sings with Erik’s friend from Marquette, Jonathan Rundman. It’s Mary’s perspective on what it means to be Jesus’ mother–and not the normal aw-isn’t-baby-Jesus-sweet-it’s-such-an-honor-to-be-his-Mom kind of stuff: Joseph had a dream I guess we’re on [...]