No, I can’t go running…

I’ve come up with some good excuses for not exercising, but this one surely beats them all:

I’m being a little lazy this morning: snatched some extra sleep (Zora’s with Grandma), ate breakfast slowly, read part of a book, and I’m still in my jammies at almost 9:00. The “plan” was to drag myself off the couch in the next 10 minutes so that I could go for a good run.

But the landlord just knocked on the door to tell me that he has to work on a sink in the other unit, and so the water has to be turned off. He can give me about30 minutes to take a shower, etc.  I cannot fit in a run and shower in that time frame. And I cannot run and then go stinking to high heaven to the Presbytery meeting.

So, good thing I didn’t get out for that run a half hour earlier, and wind up back here with no way to de-stinkify.

One Response to “No, I can’t go running…”

  1. Kirstin Says:

    On some cosmic level you must have known that staying in your jammies that day was the best thing to do. Nice. :)