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The TSA and your children

I think this is a fascinating post on kids and the whole TSA controversy (scanners, pat-downs, etc.): I point out the post for two reasons: 1. If you have to prep a little kid for a pat down, this woman is right on the mark about how to do it. Pitch perfect. 2. The [...]

Jesse box?

For light reading at the beach last week, I bought a few holiday magazines. I fell in love with the Danish- inspired stuff one family did, especially these garlands of Advent bags they had for each kid: one bag numbered for each day with a little something inside. Yes! I decided we were going to [...]

Liberal Arts Living

Yesterday afternoon I found out that one of my college professors died at age 55. It sent me for more of a tailspin than I would have anticipated. I don’t know that I could point to one professor as “my favorite” or “my mentor.” I sometimes wonder if I’m an oddly prickly, independent person who [...]

Voting Record

I just voted. What with a mid-November birthday, this was only my 14th year of being able to vote (I was too young by about a week in 1995!). I don’t have a perfect record. But I’ve managed to vote in most of the general elections since 1996. I’ve been registered in 3 states (Minnesota, [...]

How to avoid trick or treating

We are now on a 3-year roll of avoiding full-on trick or treating. It’s not that we are completely anti-sugar or at all anti-Halloween. (After all, I am the Mom who went a little nuts on the costume this year.) It’s really just that we are slackers. Two years ago, we managed to wiggle out [...]