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Worship Symposium 2006

I just returned from 3 days of brain-packing, earnest-praising, body-and-soul-exhausting time at the 2006 Worship Symposium at Calvin. Since I was a semianry student, this has been the one of the top three most important things in my own ministry formation. It usually takes me weeks to unpack everything that I bring back from this [...]

Living in Two Denominations

I spent a huge chunk of time on Thursday sitting at my Presbyterian church desk and typing away e-mails to two female Christian Reformed women about being a Christian Reformed minister and being female. Both were stuggling with questions they shouldn’t have to struggle with–both feel called to ministry, but are sorting through questions they [...]

Small Mercies

Add this to the list of things I never thought I’d say: Praise God, my tooth got pulled this morning! I’m not taking God’s name in vain here, either. I am truly grateful for the providential cancellation of an appointment this morning, allowing me to slip in for a tooth extraction. Eating was becoming hazardous [...]

Liturgies and Morning Sickness

Last week, I officially announced my pregnancy to the staff at church, and later to the session, making it as public as it can be in a 4,000+ congregation when I am not at all visibly pregnant. I am incredibly grateful for the kind reception of the news, but a little sad that the church [...]

I Take a Crack at the PIF, My Tooth Gets Cracked

Who knew granola could be so dangerous? While I was chomping away at breakfast, contemplating the possibilty of dragging Erik away from his books so that we could start our new year swimming regimen, my much abused molar cracked right in half. Fortunately, that abuse included a root canal 5 years ago, so it wasn’t [...]

Discourse among yourselves

I just tried to tackle an article in the January/February 2006 Books and Culture written by my friend Craig Mattson. Craig is incredibly smart, and during my internship at Hope CRC gave me some of the best sermon feedback ever, which makes perfect sense since he is an associate professor of Communication Arts at Trinity [...]

I Always Wanted to Play in the Jazz Band…

Here’s something to think about: Every minister in every faith is like a jazz musician, keeping traditions alive by playing the beloved standards the way they are supposed to be played, but also incessantly gauging and deciding, slowing the pace or speeding up, deleting or adding another phrase to a prayer, mixing familiarity and novelty [...]