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Vestee and Hedgehog

The vestee is done! One of my favorite knits ever…and Zora seems to like it, too! (By the way, this seems like an incredibly useful thing for a baby: the short sleeves mean it fits for a long time as arms grow, hoods for babies mean you always have hats, and I think the bamboo [...]

The other thing with the sheep

It’s time to revisit knitting. Sorry, theologians… Here’s a list of what I’ve completed (or almost completed) in the last few months: Christmas hats for cousins Jon (done by Christmas) and one for Jake (needs a seam yet…good thing winter comes every year!) This dear hat for Zora (who figured out the week I finished [...]

And the knitting part?

OK, time to get honest about the description of this blog. I’ve always claimed that this blog is about knitting, among other things, and I had planned to track my knitting projects on the blog. But, that has never really happened. So, here it goes–a list of what I am currently working on: A short [...]