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Church of the Servant

(I’ve realized I’m not keeping up with my “churches” series because I can’t fully encapsulate everything I learned at a particular church in one post. So, from here on out, just a little something…) Church of the Servant (COS) is a church I’ve been part of twice in my life: I was baptized there as [...]

Harderwyk Church, Holland MI

First, a note about names. In the 19th century, when Dutch immigrants arrived in western Michigan, many of them stayed in clumps with other people from their home villages. They might name a village, or even a church after that village. Thus, the name that looks strange at best to non-Dutch speakers. My dad was [...]


As a pastor’s kid and a pastor, I have the blessing of a nomadic church background. I’m not yet thirty, but as far as I can calculate I’ve been a member/regular attender of more than ten churches. (I’m guessing I can look forward to more being added to that list during my life as well.) [...]