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One week later

Easter being early this year has thrown me off a little bit. Now that it’s over and done with, I think I have early-Easter-withdrawal. Usually, the crazy business of May (confirmation, year-end youth group, Sunday School wrap-ups, fitting-it-all-in before summer break) takes over soon after Easter. So soon that I barely notice that Easter is [...]


We are done with the difficult worship: the last supper, the blackness of Good Friday, and the prep for Easter is mostly over: the lillies are lined up and ready, the Easter banners are up, and this morning, we’ll unleash a herd of kids for an easter egg hunt in the church (outside, normally, but [...]

Oh, please let this be the end of the snow

It snowed last night. It’s still snowing. Come on already! But, I have very good reason to hope this is the last snow: This morning, we packed Zora up to go spend the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa. (We’ll reunite at Easter dinner, after  all the hub-bub at church has died down.) She walked to [...]

Random Catch Up

It’s time to do a catch-up! I’ve got a sermon that has to go up…it’s a week overdue on the blog. I’m debating if it might be time to put up sermons in mp3 format only, but I know sometimes I have congregants who ask for the text and it’s so much easier to direct [...]

Not just my senator, but a relative?

I was going to try to keep from going political here, but I can’t resist. This just in: Obama is part Frisian. Yes, Frisian, those crazy, wild, Boniface-eating folks from the north of the Netherlands. So, now, not only do I really like the guy, not only is he my senator, not only did Erik [...]