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No whining here

Ann tagged me…10 things I am grateful for? Zora Erik An incredible family, who I get along with.  A good night’s sleep, more often than not. Moving this week. Fresh bread. A church that love its pastors. Vacation. That I get to preach this week. (That I get to preach ever!) Friendly cats. I tag [...]

What to preach?

Has anyone looked at next week’s lectionary? I’m preaching on Sunday, and honestly, I’m at a loss for what to preach on. When I’m at a loss, I usually defer to the lectionary. Plus, I need to get this thing written: between the 4th holiday, a week when I have no child care after Tuesday, [...]

Speaking of youth trips…

Add this one to the file for “youth trips I’m glad I wasn’t leading”. First, and most obviously, because that’s just a scary scenario. Second, because I can only imagine what the more tense moments of that trip were like. teen age drama taken to it’s max, and I speak as one who engaged in [...]

At least she’s social

Zora is living the high life this week: mornings involve bible school at church. Today, day two, she was so excited to go that she was waving her hands through the air and shouting all the way to church in the car. It’s just being around all the other kids that makes her happy. By [...]

um, not so fired up

OK, never mind, “fired up for VBS” doesn’t exactly describe where I was at this morning. I had no clue what I was doing in the opening and closing worship sequences, and now I’m pooped. I plan to pretty much only do VBS this week, and be home in the afternoons. This afternoon, I plan [...]

A few reasons why the youth group trip went well…

Yes, I am back from the youth group trip, alive, and after two long nights of sleep (12 and 10 hours, thank you, Erik!), I’m fired up for VBS (in 1 hour). It was a good trip. So, here’s some of the stuff that went well: Awesome kids, awesome leaders, number one reason it was [...]

Minsterial privilege

I was warned in seminary not to take advantage of ministerial privilege’s granted by the community. I think, what was meant by this, was the way, a generation or two ago, many merchants would offer pastors discounts or so. In many communities, this made sense. I know that my grandpa, as a pastor in a [...]

Local-ish meal number 2

Thursday and Friday (the days of our local farmers markets) we’ll be in the city, but on Tuesday, I was driving back from a meeting at the PresbyHQ two counties west of here. I stopped at two farm stands and scored: strawberries asparagus green onions lettuce radishes (mealy and bit past season) Much more reasonable [...]

Local Eating

During farmer’s market season (when the schedule allows, I have to say, since the summer youth ministry thing and vacation time will make this a little tricky), we’re going to try to cook one local meal a week. At the same time that we’re attempting this, I am trying to lose the final 8 pounds [...]

Clergy on the Catwalk

If you go to church and your pastor wears clothes (and I DO hope both of those things are true), or, even if are only an occasional resident of the pews, this is for you. A friend of mine, after another conversation about what ministers should and should not wear, put together a little, short [...]

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