Online home to Erik Vorhes, Erica Schemper, and family

Erica Schemper

Erica is a “Minister at Large” in the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area. She received her MDiv from Calvin Theological Seminary. She has many interests — but you’ll rarely find her without several knitting projects in tow.

Erik Vorhes

Erik is an accessibility advocate and design techologist, currently working at Transform as a front-end engineer. He loves literature, language, type, and plenty of other stuff — but none of it as much as he loves his family.

Zora Jean

Zora is an avid swimmer and reader. She loves music, math, and enjoying the company of her friends.

Abram Orville

Abram is enthusiastic about geology, Lego, and bouldering. If parkour didn’t exist, he’d have to invent it.

Hazel Marie

Hazel is our budding comedian and a lover of dinosaurs. Everyone is her friend.