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It Has Been Said

Luke 4:1-13 Fox Valley Presbyterian Church Temptation is not really a dirty word anymore. Think about it: it’s a word used to brand and identify: chocolates; resorts; a dating service in the UK ; there’s even a men’s deodorant line that has a scent named: “dark temptation” Think about it: in all these cases, the [...]

An Open Letter to Emergency Rooms

Dear ERs everywhere, First, I am grateful for my ER, my access to medical care, my reliable car, the general goodness of God, etc. But I’m really really sleep deprived. So this thought is where my brain has been wandering off to. If parents bring their kiddo in during the night due to, say, an [...]


We had a 3.8 earthquake here last night. When I say “here” I mean a few miles away from where I actually live. And I don’t live in a place where we have earthquakes. Our bedroom is at/below ground level, with the windows above our bed facing onto a street that gets plowed a lot [...]