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Good things

I suspect I’ve been a bit, um, whiney, in my social media postings lately. Also, about 80% of them have been about how I’m not getting enough sleep. Which is totally true. But I also really like sleeping. A lot. However, I realized this morning that I needed to take a moment to recount some [...]

“Friends”: Is social media wasted time?

So, full disclosure before I start ruminating on social media (and, for many of us, facebook in particular): as of last week, I am a facebook wife. Not that that’s a thing. in fact, my web-developer husband says he was pleasantly surprised by how many women were working at facebook, even in the tech-ier positions [...]

“…God’s grace and his faithful provision of leadership for the church”

(A caveat: my new short-term church position is going really well. All things considered, it’s lovely. I’m happy.) Overall, when the sun is shining and life is good, I’m quick to say that Church belongs to Jesus, and it’ll survive in spite of us. But, there are times when I’ve been reading a bit too [...]

Any May A Beautiful Change

(In honor of the release of my dear friend Katherine’s book Any Day a Beautiful Change, I’m participating in a blog carnival, Any May a Beautiful Change. Katherine’s book is about motherhood, so here’s a little May-themed motherhood post.) My first baby, Zora, was easy in the begetting. (I’ll just leave it at that.) Number [...]