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“Mary Speaks”

Mary’s song, the Magnificat, from Luke 1, as portrayed in the St. John’s Bible. Music shapes our theology. Especially, often, the words that we sing. When I was a student pastor, one of my congregants told me that he’d absconded with a church hymnal. He’d kept it for years in the back of his truck, [...]

Stay at Home Reverend: Morning Prayer from a Six Inch Sliver of the Parental Bed

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I thank you, O Heavenly Father, that you have kept me from all evil and harm this night…and done so as well for the two children and two cats (indeed, everything in my home that has life and breath, this being the reason [...]

Things I missed about the Midwest

(The blog has hit a slow patch because the kiddos and I are in Chicago cramming in some intensive family time…in the meanwhile…) Things I missed about the Midwest, mostly the small stuff. The cold, no really, because it makes you treasure the warmth in a whole different way. Houses that are insulated and heated [...]

Stay at Home Reverend: A Prayer for Safety

O God of adventure, You called Abram and Sarai to journey to a new place; You summoned Moses to climb the heights of Sinai to see your face; You empowered David to face a giant; You led Paul to go to places where he was not welcome; and by your merciful hand, they were all [...]

Hometown Heroes

Luke 4:21-30 Jeremiah 1:4-19 Holy Trinity Lutheran Church San Carlos, CA Prophetic speaking is hard work. It’s hard to hear the call; it’s hard to carry through and speak the truth; and then there are the consequences when people actually hear what your going to say. And, it’s also no wonder that, when we hear [...]

Peep-toes, red nailpolish, and fishnet stockings

Before seminary preaching-lab classes, my classmates and I noticed that each of us had our little “thing” that we had to do before we were on. Adjust your tie; pull up your socks; fingers through the hair; chew on a cough drop. I redid my lipstick. This would not be particularly notable, except that I [...]