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Six Hour Sacrament

On Sunday morning, I spent six straight hours focused on the Lord’s Supper, though not because I am some kind of spiritual giant who can meditate on the sacrament for an entire morning. At 6:00am, my alarm clock launched into my daily morning dose of National Public Radio. The person who schedules their programing is [...]

When the To-Do List Takes on a Life of Its Own

One of my responsibilities at work is coordination of my church’s relief efforts for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. For the past few months, this has mainly meant that I attempt to connect donations with people who have been displaced to Chicago. It has been the most rewarding and the most frustrating thing that I do. [...]

Listening for God

Psalm 95 Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago For the past two years, I taught high religion at a college prep school on Chicago’s West Side. The pace for teachers and students was furious and frantic. From the end of August until May, with two weeks to breath in December, we crafted curriculum, graded grammar, pieced together [...]

Nancy Drew and the Apostles’ Creed

The best thing that I saw during a long day of church today? During the one service I sat through as a worshiper (anonymous but for the clerical collar), I was most thankful for the 10 year old girl in the pew in front of me. Through most of the service, she was intently focused [...]

Statement of Faith

I have been writing this week. For the past year, I’ve been engaged in a pursuit I fondly refer to as “Presbyquest.” Two years ago, I was ordained as a minister in the Christian Reformed Church in North America. For reasons that I’ll explain in a later post, I’ve been working on switching my credentials [...]

How I Got a Website…

Up until now, my web presence consisted of a few records of my sorry but stubborn times in distance running, a few college and seminary alumni references, brief appearances on sites related to my work, and, most notably, my husband’s web page. But now, my husband has presented me with this website as a birthday [...]