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Global Liturgical Calendar

Bono says we’re not so much in an economic downturn as in a world-wide Lent. And, in so many words, if that’s where we are, then Easter will come.This is the most realistically hopeful (i.e. Christian) interpretation of the economic crisis I’ve heard.Depression, economic downturn, impending disaster, total economic collapse (not to mention the disintegration of the [...]

Just visiting

I love this article from the Root about how to go to church on Easter if it’s been awhile. But, I am REALLY hoping that somewhere, someone is googling for a little information to get ready for tomorrow’s rare foray into church, and gets this article… …and then walks into their family’s rather restrained, all [...]

Further proof that I have the strangest job…

Beginning this week, I thought, “hey, piece of cake…Easter services on Sunday, but no youth group meetings to plan. And we’re reusing last week’s Good Friday service. whew…” Now, honestly, how could I forget that Holy Week involves all kinds of strange little tasks and details. So far this week, I have undertaken or will [...]


It is not a good moment when the town that you grew up in…a town that you normally have to explain the spelling and location of…suddenly becomes one-word news.