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Holy Week, Batman! (RevGalBlogPals Friday Five)

My hairdresser asked me this week if Easter or Christmas is harder for ministers. I’d say Easter–more services, and when it’s over, everyone goes back to normal and expects you to be back in the office ASAP. (Than, she said, “Hey, what is Palm Sunday actually about?” I was in minister-heaven: laying back with my [...]

The other thing with the sheep

It’s time to revisit knitting. Sorry, theologians… Here’s a list of what I’ve completed (or almost completed) in the last few months: Christmas hats for cousins Jon (done by Christmas) and one for Jake (needs a seam yet…good thing winter comes every year!) This dear hat for Zora (who figured out the week I finished [...]

Picking Through the Basement

You know what’s awesome about being pregnant? When you’re done being pregnant, for a whole year, you get to be surprised by your old clothes. I packed away my summer/spring clothes a year ago last fall, and I haven’t seen them since. But now, we’ve got temps in the 70s. I know it won’t last, [...]

Culinary Uber-Mama

If you’ll please allow me the self-congratulatory moment to bask in my mama-ness… Today, I made Zora some gourmet baby food: Chicken, apples, and squash, with a little ginger and allspice Chicken, potatoes, sweet potatoes, leeks, green beans, with a dash of thyme (Both chicken concoctions were accompanied by home-made chicken broth) Spinach, potatoes, sweet [...]

Catchy blog title

True confession time: Part of the reason my blog title has always been boring (just my name) is not just my conviction that it would be too hard to remain anonymous, so I might as well use my name. It’s also that I could not think of catchy titles. I covet the catchy titles of [...]

Homer Simpson and Leviticus 19

A few weeks ago, I was trying to catch up on my year-of-the-Bible readings. (About 130 of us at church have pledged to read through the Bible together this year.) So, I was reading Leviticus 19 before I went to sleep and, for some reason, thought of Homer Simpson.Actually, I know the reason. It was [...]

RevGalBlogPals Friday Five: Matters of Taste

de gustibus non distbutandem est I learned that Latin phrase before I took Latin (thanks, Dad). But this Friday Five is tricky: I must hang out with a pretty homogeneous group. Five things I love that people around me don’t? How about a few that focus on me and Erik? Nuts in brownies/banana bread/other baked [...]

Alternate Spellings

My Sunday School kids illustrated postcards with “My favorite thing about Sunday School.” (The postcards are going out to all our members in as a reminder of our up-coming call-a-thon to recruit next year’s volunteers.) Among my favorites: the alternate spellings for Bible. (And God bless the kids who put the Bible as their favorite [...]