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Easter according to the Syrian Doctor

On this particular Easter, in a year when you’ve been hearing from the Good News from the Gospel of Luke, here’s a way you might might help bring good news. Luke, as Maren Tirabissi reminds us, was a Syrian doctor. Earlier this year, she wrote: Go ahead and say it out loud, all this lectionary [...]

Linking the way through the week: We All Fall Short…

A few links that are about the fact that nobody’s perfect. While folding laundry last week, I made my way through the PBS series Makers: Women Who Make America. You should watch it. Even if you are among the many women (and, for that matter, men) who would rather not use the term “feminist” as [...]

Humility: It’s Not Just for Catholics

I’ve been following the papal election with interest because I have more in common with Catholics than I don’t. In other words, Protestants and Catholics disagree with each other on a relatively small percentage of doctrinal points. It’s just that this small percentage makes the most noise. So I’m praying for them and their process. [...]

Prayer at the Dressing of the Six Year Old

Based on a Celtic prayer to be prayed while one dresses. Bless to her, O God, her body and her soul; Bless to me, O God, my faith that other parents will not judge; Bless to me, O God, my speech (that I may not say, “You’re wearing THAT?!?”), and Bless to me, O God, [...]

Poetry Prayer: Stay at Home Reverend Goes Modern

The Stay at Home Reverend also has a handy undergraduate degree in English. So she can get all arty with her prayers. Inspired by e. e. cummings…. i thank You God for this most amazing day:for the high spirits of my children and the shrill clear sound of their squeals for every time (twice today) [...]

Linking the Way Through the Week: Family, etc. Edition

Let’s do this sometime midweek, every week, OK, folks? A few things I’ve found interesting, this week, many of them more or less related to family. My family had one of our best family dates ever this past weekend. Not everything went as planned, but we had a wonderful time rambling around Golden Gate Park [...]