Open mouth, insert…cheese

Reason number 27 why I should be more careful when I get chatty:

I visited a local coffee shop I’ve never been to yesterday afternoon, and got a little chatty with the purveyor while she made me a really wonderful iced latte.

The register rang it up at $35.29, and we were joking about the mistake, “Ha, ha, with the way food prices are, it could get that expensive…” Then I continued on that with a little riff about how I just read an article about foodies in crisis over rising food prices, “I mean, if you’re paying over $20.00 for a pound of cheese, you might need to get your priorities straight.”

As I was leaving, I noticed on the storefront sign that in addition to coffee and lovely pastries, this establishment also sells, “Fine imported European cheeses.”

One Response to “Open mouth, insert…cheese”

  1. Teri Says:

    heehee–I have so done that. And we have a place like that in town, with the most amazing (and most expensive) cheese ever. :-)