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If I’m the minister for children and youth, I ought to be all about innovation, right? Not necessarily. Given the freedom, I would repeat as much from week to week in a worship service Two reminders that repetition in liturgy is good for children, big and small: from Alex, and an older post from me.

Only knitters will understand

This morning, I organized all of my knitting stuff. For real. For the first time, probably, in 8 years. If you knit, you will understand how huge this is. It might be a major turning point in my life.

A new song?

Zora’s got a thing for Gordon Lightfoot singing Alberta Bound. It’s getting to be a little much. We’re working hard at church today, Zora and I, and we may have a new development in the favorite song department. After 20 repeats on Alberta Bound, she seems to now be taking a shine to Sufjan Steven’s [...]

Generation Gap

There are all kinds of corny sayings about how great it is to be a grandparent. Sometimes, one of the coolest things about being a parent is seeing, from an adult point of view, how wonderful your own grandparents are. Here’s a little clip of Zora with her Great-Grandpa Loyd (great being both a title [...]

(Whiny) Things to write about on Sunday night because I’m not tired yet

I think I have too many friends on facebook now to really keep track of what they are up to. And now, I have people doing this ning thing, and it’s just too much. No, no, no…I cannot be getting another cold. Because I just got over one that was so bad that my nose [...]

The Once and Fearful Church

A few small and greater conversations I’ve been in during the past few weeks have brought me to this (not so surprising) conclusion: Church folk are really fearful about the future of the church. Frightened. Worried. Anxious. Afraid. In all honesty, it turns my stomach. Because, a few other conversations and moments I’ve been in [...]

Junior Varisty Water-Walking

Matthew 14:22-33 Fox Valley Presbyterian Church Everything is about high school… That’s a line from a movie I saw recently…but what movie it was, how it played into the plot line, those things are not important…because there are so many movies and stories and books and urban myths in our culture that tell us that [...]


I’m home now. For real. Travel over.More later…