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Planning for the Dads

I’m leading worship on Father’s Day for the first time in years…for the last five, it was almost always during the youth group mission trip, and my ministerial duties for the day normally involved 40 teenagers, 12 parents, and a long, long, long bus ride. I’d try to remember to leave cards behind for my [...]

Good Preaching

I love this little article by John Wilson from the Wall Street Journal. (Incidentally, I once got to drive John Wilson around Grand Rapids as a volunteer at a conference he was speaking at, and he was delightful, even when I screwed up the parking lot directions and Gerald Ford Airport and took him on [...]

Prayers of the People for Trinity Sunday

I love the prayer called “St. Patrick’s Breastplate”. There are little bits and pieces in it that I’ve known since I was little without realizing what they were (I remember a great Sunday School song based on the “Christ within me…” passage. What a gem that is for a child, a reminder that Jesus is [...]