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Mark 1:1-11 Genesis 1:1-5 Hope Christian Reformed Church, Oak Forest, IL On New Years Day, I took my five year old daughter for a walk, with the goal that we would be taking our shoes off and dipping our toes into Puget Sound. I figure, when you’re on vacation near the ocean, you ought to stick [...]

Swift Away the Old Year Passes

2011 was the year when I didn’t get enough sleep. I blame Abram, mostly. Not that I regret one second of the blurry nights awake, holding and feeding him. But if you asked me what one moment of the year was the straight up distilled essence of 2011, it was a moment when Abram was [...]

New Years Day

The original plan was to take a restorative, reflective New Year’s Day walk alone. I am almost never alone now: there’s always a kid with me. But even though Erik had offered to make the original plan happen, by the time I was about to leave, Zora was antsy. I gave her the option, and [...]

Happy New Year