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Meika has tagged me in a meme. I completely second what she says about being thankful. Two things I’m thankful for, maybe not the biggest things, but things none the less: 1. People who are welcoming and tolerant of little ones attending and participating in the worship service. I’m thankful for this in general in [...]

I might be a work-a-holic: Sign # 136

I had a few things to pull together for a youth group meeting this evening, so I got to church around 4 and got busy. At 5:30, I put a microwave dinner in and went back to my office to get a bit more done in the 5 minutes of cooking time. The meeting started [...]

The Leaves Are Down


Quick update

Yes, folks, I have made it to the other side of 30 safely. It’s just been another insane couple of weeks, paired with limited computer access.  A few updates: No more 20s for me. I am proud to say that I have again made it to another age-milestone with incredibly naturally blonde hair. I also [...]