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Tears and Spaceships

Tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the Challenger disaster. Many people my age (like my husband) were sitting in classrooms watching the lift off, because not only was it cool, but there was a TEACHER on board… Making what happened all the more horrifying. I was not in school that day. My parents had pulled [...]

Calm Down

I’ve been reading the Motherlode blog from the New York Times lately. My guilty pleasure, though, is reading the comments section. It’s like the car wreck I can’t take my eyes off of…like many parenting related blogs, forums, articles, etc. on the internet, the amount of sniping, grand-standing, self-righteousness, you name it, is astounding. And [...]

Ping pong parenting

It’s a constant back and forth thing, parenting… Just when I think I can no longer handle the very things that I think I’m supposed to find endearing (ridiculous energy levels, annoying 4 year old baby talk, incessant requests to do things, on and on and on)… And on top of that, when I’m tired, [...]

11 New Things for 2011

No resolutions here…I think in a year when you are anticipating: a baby; a move; a major career redirection; a kid starting school…you are allowed to not make any resolutions other than “let’s just do the best we can with the coming year”. But, 11 things for the New Year that answer the question, “So, [...]

New Years

How appropriate is this: Erik and I rang in 2011 sitting on our bed surrounded by the cloth diapers we’re planning to try on baby # 2. Big excitement: researching the models , directions, and care for each, speculating about what might be best for a baby who might be of a certain size. Hold [...]