The domestic things I will and will not accomplish today

I’m back to Friday as my day off. A Friday off feels more like a Saturday off to me.

Today, I plan to sabbath in a domestically oriented way, but not put myself under too much stress about getting all of things done. And, the list of things I could do sounds pretty nice:

  1. Take a long run (nevermind…the impending thunderstorms just hit us hard).
  2. Mix up some batches of bread dough from this particularly amazing book. (Already done while Zora was eating breakfast!)
  3. Interview another potential childcare person, and hope that it looks more promising than yesterday’s interview.
  4. Dishes and some laundry.
  5. Get to work on some mittens that should look something like this and are due to be given as a gift in the next two weeks.
  6. Continue to think about what on earth to get my hard-to-shop-for sister whose birthday was last week.
  7. Bake a pizza for Zora and the babysitter. (We made one from the above-mentioned book last night and it was incredible.)
  8. Color with Zora.
  9. And, yes it’s my day off so I shouldn’t, but this weekend is going to be back-to-back craziness an I’ve got an event tomorrow morning for which I need to produce a final agenda and a number of documents.

One Response to “The domestic things I will and will not accomplish today”

  1. Teri Says:

    oh, darn it! I was hoping the thunderstorms would hold off until AFTER I visit the new assisted-living place down the street–I really wanted to just walk over there. But if you’ve got the storm now, that means it’ll be here by the time I get out of the shower. gag–I hate rain.

    Have fun coloring!