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Abram a Day: 2.28.11

Abram a Day: 2.27.11

Abram a Day: 2.25.11

Abram a day: 2.24.11

Birthing Abram: Spiritual or Embodied?

This is the third of three posts that go together. Birthing Abram and The Details are the first two. If you don’t like reading birth stories, you may want to skip The Details. This post is less about the details and more of a theological reflection on giving birth. Abram and Zora were both born [...]

Birthing Abram: The Details

This is a multi-part post…in this section, I’m writing about some of the details about Abram’s birth. A little bit of introduction in Birthing Abram. In a subsequent post, Spiritual or Embodied I write some reflection on birthing. If birth stories make you queasy, you might want to skip this post, and go on to [...]

Birthing Abram

Abram Orville Schemper Vorhes born February 13, 2011, 3:58pm 9 lbs 6 oz, 22 inches Within 24 hours after Abram was born, I was already taking notes on something I wanted to write about birth and bodies, maybe a little theology…I suppose this is a sign that my head was clear, or maybe that I [...]

Abram a day: 2.23.11

Abram a Day: 2.19.11

Abram a Day: 2.17.11

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