Prayer Stations

I created these station cycles to be used with youth groups, but I bet many adults and even younger kids would benefit from them as well.

The basic idea is this: you set up several stations, either in one large room or scattered throughout your building, give all participants a “guidebook”, and let them go.

If these prayer stations might be useful to you in your ministry, please use them! I only ask that you give me credit and let me know that you used them. (They’re protected by a Creative Commons License.) If you really want to make me happy, let me know how they worked for your group!

Lord, teach us to pray…

I created this cycle for my 7th and 8th grade confirmation class. One of their requirements is memorizing the Lord’s Prayer. I hope this will help some of them remember. More importantly, I’m worried that I’m not doing a great job of teaching them to pray: most of the time I am so busy trying to stuff their brains with information that I forget to leave time for practice.

Because this was originally written for junior highs, and a group that had never done this before, it comes with alot of directions about what to do.