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Good mom, lousy head?

Following on my earlier post about an article that exalts messiness as a sign of being a good parent, here’s another gem, and a quote to pique your interest: I now know what makes someone a good mother. Forget the debates about staying at home or working, being a disciplinarian or a softie. What distinguishes [...]

What I did on my Christmas vacation

I took a few days off this week, and my family gathered at the cottage of our friends Gene and Faith (a godsend in every sense of that word since we no longer all fit at my parents–they downsized the minute we kids started moving out…) Erik and I annually plan a family event/competition instead [...]

Good mom, messy desk?

Mary’s blog alerted me to this article. Timely since I did actually organize a scary closet today. It’s needed attention since before Zora was born. As I worked on it, I thought, “This poor child is doomed to learn my terrible organizational habits. I don’t deserve her.” And reassuring, too. Now I know I’m a [...]

RevGalBlogPals Friday Five: Festive Foods

I’m not doing much baking for Christmas. But I can dream… So, in preparation for the holiday feeding frenzy: 1. My favorite candy/cookie/baked good without which it is not Christmas… It’s got to be just about anything with almonds. Old dutch ladies buy almond paste by the pound for holiday cooking (I kid you not, [...]

Slapped Back into Proper Perspective

Coming down from the mountaintop that is a week off from church, I was starting to feel the weight of the world: junior high meeting to plan, high schoolers to get to know better, worship, giant list of things I really should do but keep putting off (find a spiritual director, run regularly, make more [...]

In my beginning is my end

Luke 21:25-36 Jeremiah 33:14-16 Fox Valley Presbyterian Church December 3, 2006 Back in the Sunday school rooms, Marilyn Church and Charlotte Drew are sitting on the floor with a group of completely transfixed 4, 5 and 6 year olds. On each wall of the room, there are low shelves with boxes and baskets. And just [...]

RevGalBlogPals Friday Five:Adventually

1. Do you observe Advent in your church? Yes, although not too strictly (a few Christmas things seem to creep in early). My Lutheran-raised-husband and the part of me that sang in the Episcopalian children’s choir are a bit perturbed. 2. How about at home? My mama raised me to, but I haven’t done much [...]

Forced Sabbath

Friday is my day off, but when Thursday heated up to a fever pitch (sermon not done; crisis with the wreath forms for the Advent wreath brunch; a list of ten other things that had to get done), I was prepared to break the rules and head into work. And then it snowed. But I [...]