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Comedian as Prophet (part 2): Insiders and Outsiders

Moving ahead with the exploration of Comedian as Prophet, prompted by my niggling sense that Comedy Central’s news programs may be taking the role of prophetic voice when it comes to American Politics… First, a disclaimer. I know full well that there are some ideas I’m batting around here and connecting that may have been [...]

The pregnant update

A few observations about being pregnant a second time. I’m less worried. We did this before, we can do this again. No surprise, huh? I do believe the female body in its twenties is perhaps a bit more attractive pregnant than the female body in its thirties. There seems to be a bit more spread [...]

Comedian as Prophet (part 1)

Several weeks ago, I proposed this as a blog post that I wanted to write: the Comedian as Prophet. I’m a fairly devoted Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert fan. Not that I watch every episode. But if there’s a big story going on, I want to hear their take on it. And, perhaps more telling, if I [...]


There is nothing like the tornado sirens to get you out of bed in the morning…and find a flashlight…and, in my case, get dressed. Because, when tragedy strikes, I’d prefer that they find my body in clothes rather than pajamas. I am not too vain, though. I didn’t comb my hair. Or put on deodorant. [...]

Starting November Early

That whole NoBlogMo write-a-post-a-day for a month thing? Or whatever it’s called? Yep, I probably need to do that and get my act together a bit and start writing more. So, since I can’t remember the whole actual name, I’m going to go with starting today. I’ve noticed lately that I have the urge to [...]

Blog posts yet to come

The blog posts I want to write in the next few weeks: 1. Birthing and the Mommy-wars. Birth is one heated topic in the mama-sphere. I’m grateful for friends and family who span the spectrum of birthing practices are basically rational and supportive of each other anyway. But navigating this has been–interesting-difficult-bizarre–for someone whose first [...]