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Day one of vacation: it does not get any more middle-America than this. We drove up the Mississippi from Galena, IL to Prairie du Chien, WI. But the day started with: frantic packing with a crabby 2 year old; a harried stop to vote early (but not often…we aren’t THOSE kind of Chicago people); 2 [...]

Finances from another angle

Maybe this it too hopeful, but I think Margaret Atwood is on to something: the financial crisis about more than finances. And maybe the fix to it is also about fixing more than finances.

Slacker Mom

I just read this. How do I measure up? Zora’s bathroom floor? Littered with books. As is the living room for that matter. Halloween plans? Colin and Anne’s wedding rehearsal. Maybe Zora will wear her elephant costume from last year, which we bought huge so that she could wear it two years in a row. [...]

One of those days

It’s one of those days when there is simply too much to do. Too many little details to coordinate too many activities this weekend: wedding, bible presentations, youth group meetings, youth group field trips, college care packs, dinners, confirmation details, and on and on. And so, in desperation, I am going completely out of order [...]

A few Monday things

Oh, do I love Mondays. Again, I know my week is unusual. But it’s quiet and another Sunday is finished, and this morning I got to sleep in. Big events coming down the river: CROP walk; Bible Sunday; Erik switching jobs; meeting up with friends a few times this week; a family road trip; hiring [...]

What next?

Really, this campaign cannot get any wierder. Now this? Actually, it probably could get stranger…this probably won’t happen, but the idea that people are even talking about it.