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Where Jesus would put the kids in worship

Churches with a play space in the worship space: so good. (And a hill I’m willing to die on in future pastoral leadership!) A post shared by Erica Schemper (@eschemper) on Jul 16, 2017 at 10:35am PDT Last weekend, I posted a picture on instagram of my husband with our two youngest children, playing in [...]

The Stay At Home Reverend: A Collect for Sibling Rivalry

They are all still alive. Nearly to our first stop. A photo posted by Erica Schemper (@eschemper) on Jun 16, 2015 at 5:06pm PDT Oh Jesus, Leader and Wrangler of the Disciples, you know what it is to put up with bickering about silly things, like who sits where, and who eats what, and gets [...]

Out of Practice

Hazel, wondering what’s going on: is Mama actually writing a (gasp) blog post?!? A photo posted by Erica Schemper (@eschemper) on Feb 9, 2016 at 10:22am PST This Lent, instead of taking something away I’m going to add. And take something away, sort of. I miss the golden age of blogging (which, in my universe, [...]

Prayer at the Dressing of the Six Year Old

Based on a Celtic prayer to be prayed while one dresses. Bless to her, O God, her body and her soul; Bless to me, O God, my faith that other parents will not judge; Bless to me, O God, my speech (that I may not say, “You’re wearing THAT?!?”), and Bless to me, O God, [...]

Poetry Prayer: Stay at Home Reverend Goes Modern

The Stay at Home Reverend also has a handy undergraduate degree in English. So she can get all arty with her prayers. Inspired by e. e. cummings…. i thank You God for this most amazing day:for the high spirits of my children and the shrill clear sound of their squeals for every time (twice today) [...]

Stay at Home Reverend: Morning Prayer from a Six Inch Sliver of the Parental Bed

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I thank you, O Heavenly Father, that you have kept me from all evil and harm this night…and done so as well for the two children and two cats (indeed, everything in my home that has life and breath, this being the reason [...]

Stay at Home Reverend: A Prayer for Safety

O God of adventure, You called Abram and Sarai to journey to a new place; You summoned Moses to climb the heights of Sinai to see your face; You empowered David to face a giant; You led Paul to go to places where he was not welcome; and by your merciful hand, they were all [...]