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She really loves her mama

Among the more amazing things about children: their incredible ability sometimes to do something that is intensely loving and also completely crazy making at the same time. You know, like when Abram starts kissing Erik’s hand the other day, and then bites it. Zora took it to a whole new level yesterday, though. Today is [...]

My books are too heavy

Except for the fact that they are not round, my books are beginning to make me feel like Sisyphus. When we moved back to Chicago two years ago, I insisted on the purchase of a top of the line wall full of easy to install and take down and reinstall book shelves. I also insisted [...]

What a theological education will do to your parenting

As we took the “walk of shame” home from church (early) my mind is not only going to the parenting questions, but beating myself up over the theology of taking the 6 year old out of church and home before communion after repeated warnings to cut out the temper tantrum she started when she got [...]

What “Dues Plus” Would Mean

The Board of Pensions of the PC(USA) is proposing a new dues structure (Dues Plus) for healthcare coverage for pastors. By way of explanation, in the PC(USA) we share the burden of healthcare for clergy among congregations with differing financial resources. Every congregation is required to pay in the same percentage of their pastor’s salary [...]