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Coming Through

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a tooth! And now, to do some mommy bragging: almost NONE of the predicted weeping and gnashing of gums. Zora clearly loves her mama so much that she knew I couldn’t handle a whole lot of that right now. So she’s taking it all in stride, smiling on cue to [...]

Please read…

You need to read this sermon. I don’t care who you are, what’s going on in your life, or even if you read sermons regularly.  You need to read this. It is gospel and wisdom from someone who embodies what he preaches.

Nuff said…

Sleeping baby, no youth group meeting, comfy couch, Harry Potter movie, bowl of spicy soup, pile pf chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen…


Joel 2:12-13; Joshua 24:14-15 February 21, 2007 (Ash Wednesday) Fox Valley Presbyterian Church My husband Erik and I were raised in hiking families, and when I say hiking, I mean the kind that includes being out of touch with civilization for days at a time. We know what it’s like to loose track of your [...]

My little puker

Last night, Zora made her first bold statement about food she does not like. We made her a parsnip and potato puree, tried to give it to her a few nights ago, and she wasn’t too thrilled. So last night, I got it out again and added some carrot—she likes carrot! I got two spoonfuls [...]

2 Books

I did it! I managed to read some books! (I am so woefully behind on things I want and need to read, so getting through these two feels like a accomplishment.) Last week, I finished Teaching Kids Authentic Worship. It looked so promising when I picked it up from a book table. I burned through [...]

Solid(ish) Food

Yes, folks, just shy of 6 months, Zora is eating “solids” (a loose definition, judging by the consistency). We’ve done rice cereal and bananas, and this morning I decided it was time to make some carrot puree. I’m planning to make my own baby food for a couple reasons: avoid picky eating; I suffer under [...]

Prayer Stations

Twice now, I’ve designed a cycle of prayer stations for my youth group: one for junior high and one for high school. I’m creating a new page to share these with anyone who’s interested. I like the format for kids who are not particularly steeped in the spiritual disciplines, and need to learn how to [...]

Church of the Servant

(I’ve realized I’m not keeping up with my “churches” series because I can’t fully encapsulate everything I learned at a particular church in one post. So, from here on out, just a little something…) Church of the Servant (COS) is a church I’ve been part of twice in my life: I was baptized there as [...]

Mom and Emily Become Studio Photographers

Zora spent some time with my parents and my sister this weekend, and the entertainment included some photo sessions:   If you like these, I’d highly recommend this book, which was their inspiration for the photo-shoot.

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