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What Do Your Chairs Say about Your Spirituality?

Here are two concepts that we don’t often combine: furniture design and spirituality. And yet, furniture design is how we best know the Shakers. If their design legacy has something to say about their spirituality, maybe we should all take a few minutes to look around our homes and think about what our furniture says [...]

Jumping off the Cliff

Yesterday, I walked to the post office and mailed envelopes with a letter and my minister profile to churches–all different, none I have ever been to before, some long-shots, some a bit more possible. It was one of the most frightening things I have ever done. I prayed as briefly as was comely over the [...]

My Funny Valentine

This is not about Erik, who is a fabulous valentine. It’s about the odd way I spent the evening. Somehow, the presbytery decided to hold its meeting for February on Valentine’s Day. And this particular meeting was scheduled as an evening meeting. Except for clergy couples, and my colleague Patrick who brought his wife, this [...]