Nagging Questions, part 2

I think we are very close to finding a new apartment. Two options. Which is better?

Option 1: Bigger, by a bit sq footage, a little more storage in the apartment, but some strange storage (like cabinets in  a wetbar area that is literally steps from the kitchen…), floorplan is very open, odd ameneties like the aforementioned wetbar, laundry sink, giant master bathroom, a small gas fireplace.

Option 2: A bit smaller, floorplan is a little less open (there’s more of a hallway involved with this one) a little less pleasant, but the kitchen is actually easier to maneuver in. Oddly shaped master bathroom, no laundry sink, one bedroom in a funny place, BUT it has an attached garage, and it’s $100 less a month.

All other things are really about equal between these two places. And, both are MUCH nicer than where we are now.

2 Responses to “Nagging Questions, part 2”

  1. ppb Says:

    In my humble opinion, any place with a fireplace is a major bonus.

  2. Kirstin Says:

    I say go for the cheaper one and use the $100 you’d save towards a cleaning service. Attached garage and a more maneuverable kitchen sounds nice, too. Plus more storage has a flip-side: added accumulation. Good luck!